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High Heel Abuse

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SiteSet 256: Sweet Battered Peep Toe  08/08/2018

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Vidiset 227

Hello and welcome to my high heel abuse website. I have been abusing my sexy high heels since the year of 2005. Such as wet, muddy, messy, sticky, muddy car stuck, destruction, burning, heel stuck , pedal pumping and more. Please venture my site and view samples. If you like this kind of high heel fetish then you will enjoy  thousands of my high quality photos. Also recently we’ve added videos for you to enjoy. Photos are resize to 1280x1024. Videos are resize to 800x640.  

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I don't think I've ever shown or use these pair of nude Jimmy Choo sandal before. So here I am taking a muddy walk getting them all muddy. Also have did an aftermath at the end. Enjoy the set.

Truck Stuck


SiteSet 255

Photo and Video

Mudmax Destruction #3

Vidiset 223

Paint party

Vidiset  234

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We are adding randomly selected archive videos and photos from the cammilesweet.com site. This is only temporary until we reopen the new CS site in 2019. So if you haven’t seen some of the videos and photos, this is your chance. If you are a member, you can make request of any of my past wetlook, messy, rip, dangling videos and we will update them for you. Thank you and enjoy :)

Throwback Archive

Vidishort 131–Dry Run

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I think it's time to use my Enzo Angiolini on a set. Let's start with getting them very messy using a thick and smooth cake batter. I started pouring them on my bare legs and then my sexy peep toe, smearing all over my bare feet all the way to my french toe nails. After I'm done getting them all messy, I decided to rinse them off so I can use them again nextime. Enjoy the set.

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12 minutes clip  1920x Format

Pool Shoes

Shoeplay Series: White CL Pump

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SiteSet  250

Purple Casadei Inspection 06/20/2018

Let's find out what the damage look like on these purple casadei blade heels after the last abused set I did with them in the mud and then left outside to let the mud dry for about 2 months now or so.

Video and Photo

SiteSet 251

Sticky Sling 2 ( Guess marciano 06/27/2018

Here is another sticky sling set. This time it's my sexy silver Marciano slingback that get's very sticky. What is that on the ground? another sticky marshmallow and there goes my heels again messy sticky and even my nylons gets sticky. enjoy the set.

Video and Photo

SiteSet 252

CL Wrinkle 07/04/2018

In this set, I am polishing my car wearing a sexy mini leather dress and my new Christian Louboutin So kate pumps. Giving these pair a bit of work out and breaking them in as I walk and start bending the tip of theses heels on the tire rims, stretching them out, giving it some wrinkles. Enjoy the set.

 Photo Set

The video is available at http://clips4sale.com/studio/16284

The video is available at http://clips4sale.com/studio/16284

Vidiset 237

MudMax Bennett Mud and Bricks 07/11/2018

Cammile Sweet is about to test out another pair of expensive high heels. This time it a beautiful pair of expensive red suede LK Bennett pumps. It seems it is time to move some heavy rocks using our little red wagon. At first the road to our destination looks OK but a little later we encounter quite a wet road. the LK Bennet shoes do great at first, being treated at the factory they resist most of the water from the puddle. But Cammile knows how to put a pair of high heels to the test. She starts out light and then really starts to dig her heels in. grinding her heels away she pulls as hard as she can on the wagon to get it through the mud puddle. See what happens to a brand of heels set for royalty will withstand.

SiteSet 253

End of BCBG White Pump 07/18/2018

In this set, I decided it's time to end these worn BCBG white pumps. They have been through alot and its to part ways with them. So I have put out 4 tools to help me dismantle these heels. But first I thought I'd walk on the gravel for the last time with these heels. Then comes the fun part. I didnt realize how hard it is to dismantle them especially when I tried to drill a hole but it just wont go through. But I did get both of the buckles off on both pair. Enjoy the set.

Video and Photos

Photo Only

SiteSet 254

Pool Shoes 07/25/2018

Here are six pairs of dirty shoes that I had pulled out from the garage and I would soaked them in this mini pool and clean them out.They are Bebe, Colin Stuart, Jean Michael, Michael kors, Dior and Jimmy Choo. I did wear them all in the pool. Enjoy the set.

Video and Photo

The video is available at http://clips4sale.com/studio/16284