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High Heel Abuse

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SiteSet 263: Stairs of Stuck Heels  11/10/2018

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SiteSet 143

Hello and welcome to my high heel abuse website. I have been abusing my sexy high heels since the year of 2005. Such as wet, muddy, messy, sticky, muddy car stuck, destruction, burning, heel stuck , pedal pumping and more. Please venture my site and view samples. If you like this kind of high heel fetish then you will enjoy  thousands of my high quality photos. Also recently we’ve added videos for you to enjoy. Photos are resize to 1280x1024. Videos are resize to 800x640.  

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In this wonderful and exciting car stuck set Jamari decides to take Cammile's little 1991 Mazda Miata for a short spin. Jamari is wearing a beautiful silk one piece dress and a pair of brand new Aldo suede shoes. Things are going good until Jamari finds out that the road that she is on ends on to a muddy strip. She tries to go through and the rear tire of the car just starts spinning. It might have helped if the car had positraction but it didn't and now she's stuck. She's afraid that Camille is going to be pissed so she gets out of the car and goes through the mud to try to see if she could possibly push her way out of this situation.

Jimmy Choo Wash

Vidiset 243

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Christian Louboutin Drive Thru

Vidiset 233

Stepping Stones

Vidiset  214

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SiteSet 190–Pop Goes The Bottle

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As I am carrying a box from up above, and as I step down my heel falls into the crack.I tried to free it but as much as i try to pull it wont come out.Eventually I pulled so hard that I snap the heel on my left shoe.

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Car Stuck Jamari in Red

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Vidiset 240

Casadei Sticky Grease Spill  09/19/2018

Cammile gets ready to leave for a lunch appointment when she sees the garden tractor parked behind her car. She tries to push it out of the way knowing it won't run because there is no key. Dressed in a stretch cotton Guess dress and expensive peach Casadei high heels Cammile Tries to push the tractor out of the way. She struggles to move the little mower as her thin Casadei stilettos bend and almost crack under the pressure of her straining. As the tractor starts to move she does not notice the sticky greasy mess it had left behind, a slippery sticky mess that her fancy high heels were about to get ruined in. Soon here heels were attacked by the goo! Cammile can't believe it.. she is slipping in this sticky mess! She hangs on to the tractor and figures if she is in it this far she might as well keep going. As she pushes she looses her footing in the goo and her pretty bare feet pop out of her heels and wind up in the mess. Because the pavement is very warm Cammile is forced to put her sticky foot back into her fancy expensive Casadei heel. Still she cant get a grip an before you know it her other foot follows the others fate.

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Vidiset 241

LK Bennett End of Discussion  09/26/2018

In this set Cammile sets out wearing her abused LK Bennett high heels. Even before she reaches her truck she stumbles a couple of times because of how badly Jamari had damaged them during their scuffle. As she reaches the truck she realizes that there is no way that this will work for her and the shoes are toast. She goes to the back door and opens it pulling out a very nice pair of Zara white and clear PVC high heels. We show a close-up of her stepping out of her LK Bennett's and putting her nylon feet into her Zara's. Quickly thinking that she might as well have fun with what's left of her once beautiful LK Bennett high heels. She tosses them down the driveway and gets inside of the truck and tries to start it. The battery seems to be out! But she's going to give it one more try pumping very hard on the gas pedal with her new Zara high heels. We show a great close up of her Zara heels as she tries and tries at least for over a minute until miraculously the truck starts up and she sets out down the hill. She puts the truck back into drive lines up one of the old shoes with the tire and starts forward. The camera catches all of the action in real time and in slow motion has the shoe is crushed and twisted under the weight of the large truck. She moves forward again as she lines up on the second shoe in the standing position. The weight of the truck bends and snaps that heel as she rolls over it. Once again in normal and slow motion speed you get to see all of the action. Finally Cammile gets out of her truck to inspect the damage kicking the shoes into a pile and walking off.

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The video is available at

The video is available at

SiteSet 260

Wear Them Wet  10/03/2018

Here is a sexy wet set with my sexy leather slingback Pepe Jeminez heels. I havent worn these pretty pair for a long time so I thought I'd give them some nice wet soaking treatment. Enjoy the set :)

Video and Photo

SiteSet 261

Walk and Abused (Jean-Michele-Cazabat 10/10/2018

These pair of Jean-Michel-Cazabat sexy blue/purple suede heels has been in wet and muddy set. The color obviously has been faded. It is time to do some heavily damage on them. So therefore, I took them out for walk in the dry mud, gravel and on sharp broken pavement. There I did stomping scraping and even tried to break the heels. But these pretty heels still survive and wearable, I didn't succeed on breaking the heels. Just heavliy srcatches and scraping. Enjoy the set :)

Photo and Video

Vidiset 242

Stuck Above  10/20/2018

In this set Camille is doing some housework in the kitchen she is wearing a beautiful yellow sweater top and matching Jimmy Choo high heels. This is all complemented by a soft leather skirt sitting over bare legs. Cammile continues cleaning and uses a step stool to reach some higher places. As she ascends and by the time she reaches the top rung of the step stool she notices that the entire pad has been melted or something. As she tries to wiggle out she finds out that this substance is extremely sticky and really can't get her shoes out of it. In the mist of her struggle her bare feet pop out and get into the mess. She struggles for quite a while on top of the ladder and manages to get out but not without destroying her beautiful Jimmy Choo Anook heels in goo. She does so much bending and moving that she is exhausted by the time she is finished.

Photo only

SiteSet 262

Blue Boot Road Repair  10/27/2018

I comes out dressed in cashmere sweater, spandex skirt , pantyhose and the pretty blue LK Bennett boots. Her car was last stuck in this spot and I decided to fill in some of the holes. You may have noticed that I was having fun getting my boots muddy while I was doing this :)

Video and Photo

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