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High Heel Abuse

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SiteSet 290:Filling The Hole                06/07/2019

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Vidiset 217

Hello and welcome to my high heel abuse website. I have been abusing my sexy high heels since the year of 2005. Such as wet, muddy, messy, sticky, muddy car stuck, destruction, burning, heel stuck , pedal pumping and more. Please venture my site and view samples. If you like this kind of high heel fetish then you will enjoy  thousands of my high quality photos. Also recently we’ve added videos for you to enjoy. Photos are resize to 1280x1024. Videos are resize to 800x640.  

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Here is the finale on these beautiful pair of heels. Decided to finish them off by walking and stomping on gravel. Enjoy the set.

Eve of Construction

SiteSet  289

Photos and Video

Pumping Pumps

Vidiset 227

Discussion of Driving

Vidiset  238

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New Heel Collection Video

Here is a mini clip of my sexy white clear pvc CL. Doing a slow walk so you can see how their current state now.

Getting these sexy Manolo Bhlanik heels put to work by shoveling dirt back into the muddy hole. So these beautiful red patent heels gets dirty and muddy. At the end, I decided to rinse the dirt and mud off the shoes. Enjoy the set.

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Sexy Wet Louboutin

54 photos and 8.44 minute clip at the members area

Messy: Office Kitchen Mess

WetLook: Leather Studded Tub

Ripping: Tan Leather Rip with Maxx

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SiteSet 283

Red Sling Destruction         04/16/2019

The last time I wore these pretty red suede sling was in the muddy trail. I think it's time for some good destruction with these heels. First I tied to scrape off the rhinestones on the rough cement. But it didnt work. So next I used my heels and it got some of the stones come off. But it was still pretty tough. Last I used a butter knife and got rid of some of the stones. Anyways, the last thing I did was cut it with scissor. Enjoy the set.

 Video and Photo

SiteSet 284

Messy Report    04/23/2019

Remember these pretty platform heels? Last set I did was in the shower I think. This time I'm getting them all messy. Filling up with thick chocolate batter. When they are filled up, I put them on and you can see as the custard oozes out, you could hear the squishing sound as I walk around. At the end I rinse and clean out the mess.Enjoy the set.

Photos Only

SiteSet 285

So Kate Crunch  05/01/2019

Here is a sexy set with my beautiful worn So Kate CL, stepping on crispy rice chex and stuffing the insole so I could crush it with my barefeet as I put them in slowly. Enjoy the set.

Photos and Video

SiteSet 286

Two Worn JC 05/08/2019

Here is a sexy selfie/pov style video of my two worn and abused Jimmy Choo heels. I take my abuse black JC for a walk on the dry mud and then the scorched tan JC, I get them wet and just having fun walking on them. You can see they are still very sexy even if both heels been through alot. Enjoy the set :)

Photos and Video

SiteSet 287

Wet Colin Stuart Wash 05/15/2019

It's been a long time since I worn these beautiful heels, I thought I would wear them while doing carwash so it can also be clean. Enjoy the set.

Photos and Video

SiteSet 288

Sexy Wet Louboutin  05/22/2019

Time to get these sexy Christian Louboutin clear open toe heels wet. Having fun getting them wet slowly inside this tub, eventually got them soaked in the warm water.Enjoy the set.

Video and Photo