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High Heel Abuse

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SiteSet 307:Driving Kate             10/09/2019

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Vidiset 245

Hello and welcome to my high heel abuse website. I have been abusing my sexy high heels since the year of 2005. Such as wet, muddy, messy, sticky, muddy car stuck, destruction, burning, heel stuck , pedal pumping and more. Please venture my site and view samples. If you like this kind of high heel fetish then you will enjoy  thousands of my high quality photos. Also recently we’ve added videos for you to enjoy. Photos are resize to 1280x1024. Videos are resize to 800x640.  

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Let's see how these pair of fake SoKate Christian Louboutin take when just slightly doing a light abuse by stepping on and scraping a little in the hard concrete. Here is a sexy light abuse set with these sexy pair of Christian Louboutin fake SoKate getting step on with these gorgoeus red Jimmy Choo patent Anouk heels.Credit to Choo who donated both pairs of heels. Thanks Choo, hope you like the first set :)

Folding Chair Stuck Aldo

SiteSet  306

Photos and Video

Pumping Pumps

Vidiset 227

Discussion of Driving

Vidiset  238

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High Heel Collection #59

here is another sexy clip of my High Heel Collection series. This time its my CL leopard slingback. See how their current condition right now and how gorgeous they are.

Here is a sexy pedal pumping video with my beautiful So Kate heels. Driving Maxx's maual Miata car.To be honest, I am not that good in driving stick shift lol. But hopefully you like this clip. Enjoy :)

34  photos and 7.08 minute clip at the members area.  

What a Fake Can Take

103 photos and 12.48 minute clip at the members area

Wet: Leather Short & Leather Top

Shoeplay: Foot & Heel Play

Wet: Shower in Office Attire #9

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SiteSet 300

Christian Louboutin Very Prive Mud  08/21/2019

Here is a nice muddy clip with my beautiful open toe Christian Louboutin Very Prive heels. Pushing this wheelburrow accross the muddy trail. Watch me as I walk across this muddy trail and getting my sexy Loubs all muddy. Enjoy the set.

Video and Photo

SiteSet 301

Planted Wet Watering           08/28/2019

Time to get these pretty leopard print heels soaking wet. Here I am watering some plants and thought I'd water these pretty heels and my nyloned legs too. Enjoy the set :)

 Video and Photo

SiteSet 302

Scroll Through The Mud   09/04/2019

Strolling on a muddy trail with these gorgeous pair of silver Guess slingback heels. These sexy heels gets fully muddy as I step in the deeper mud while walking back and forth. Enjoy the set.

Photos and Video

SiteSet 303

Boots Walk and Play 09/112019

Here is a set with my Nine West boots walking on the dry mud, kicking and stomping an old pair of Jamari's heels. This is a selfie and pov style clip using my S10+ Camera phone. Hope you like it.

Photos and Video

SiteSet 304

Sports Wash 09/18/2019

Here is another sexy carwash, wearing these beautiful yellow Jimmy Choo Anouk heels and a rainbow color dress. Watch my sexy heels gets very soaked and wet as I soap and rinse my sportsy car. Enjoy the set.

Photos and Video

SiteSet 305

A Whole for Jamari’s Shoes 09/25/2019

Jamari never picked up her shoes and I have no room in my shoe closet. I gave her many times to come and get it but she never did. So I decided to trashed by stomping and scraping inside this concrete hole. i don't think she'll ever wear these pair again.

Photos and Video